Sparton Equasonne Radios

The Equasonne Bone Yard


Think of the environment.  Lets take recycling to new heights:-)

If you are looking for a part(s) for your Sparton Equasonne radio, or have some parts to swap/sell/lease or whatever, here is a place to post.  Just send me an e-mail describing what you have available or what you are looking for and I will post it here for you.

Let's get more Equasonnes back in action!


I have various parts from the chassis of a 301 AC Equasonne.  None of the three units are fully intact as they were scavenged to fix my 930 and 931.  However, I have lots of useful stray bits ready for new homes.   I have the audio input transformer (No. B2362?) and the Filter choke (No. B-2360?).  I believe these same 3 parts are also used in the power convertor units of AC models 103, 301-A, 578, 740 and 750.


I have a 301 cabinet for sale that has had the lower shelf and part of the feet removed, but is in otherwise O.K. shape.  I have the panel for it.  The cabinet was painted sort of vomit green.  I've removed the "gingerbread" from the cabinet and doors, prepatory to refinishing it.

I'm in Ortonville, Michigan about 45 miles North of Detroit.



I have a 620 cabinet for sale