Sparton Equasonne Radios

Dial Lamps & Scales


Blown the bulb inside the selector drum, and miss that gentle glow?  What you require is a #40 bulb.  This 6.3volts 0.15Amp screw base bulb can be obtained in a handy pack of 10 from  Antique Electronic Supply .

Is the dial scale on your Equasonne looking the worse for wear?  Discovered the hard way that primitive plastics just don't age gracefully?  A replica of Sparton part number A-4584, which is the plastic strip dial scale used in models: 103, 111-A, 235, 301, 301-A, 564, 570, 574, 578, 589, 591, 593, 600, 610, 620, 737, 740, 750, 870, 930 and 931 is available on-line from RadioDaze. The Radiola Guy also sells a replacement dial scale for the Equasonne.