Sparton Equasonne Radios

Obtaining Parts

Sparton Equasonnes have not been manufactured for approximately 70 years, so finding replacement parts requires some ingenuity and persistence.  I am currently working on two equasonnes (930 and 931), both of which were to say the least “non-operational” when I obtained them, however, the internet has proved an invaluable tool in obtaining practically everything I needed to restore them:

I have created a page where you can list any particular part you are searching for, so that hopefully someone with that part can see your messsage and help you out.  Likewise, anyone with spare bits from a ‘parts’ radio can  list things they have available.  Check out the Equasonne Bone Yard!

Modern replacement parts can be obtained from numerous sources:  I list sources not as an endorsement for particular companies, but rather as suggestions because I know that they have appropriate parts.  If you happen to be a vendor of radio parts and have Equasonne items in your inventory,
e-mail me and I would be happy to add your name or web site to the appropriate lists.


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